Addicts Get Boost from Unlikely Sources

Gamblers Anonymous

It is no secret that there are many things that offer a temptation to those that have an addictive personality. There are bars for alcoholics, drug infested areas for drug addicts, malls for shopaholics, etc. For the gambling addict there are casinos and lotteries – depending on how addicted they are.

However, for most people with an addiction, if they move where they are not near the temptation, or they eliminate those things in their life where they are tempted to stray, then they can consider themselves safe for the time being. This does not mean that they do not remain vigilant about keeping aware of these dangers; it just means that they don’t go to bars and what not because they could lead them down the wrong path.

So how does the gambling addict fare? They do not go to casinos, they put themselves on the self-exclusion lists, they pump gas outside and don’t go into the store that offers the lottery tickets, etc. They take steps to keep themselves out of danger.

So how do they handle online gambling? How do they keep themselves safe when they are in the privacy of their own home and what would have been simply a case of staying home to avoid temptation now becomes trying to avoid that temptation in your own home. Much like you would not expect an alcoholic to do well with a full keg sitting in his living room, nor can you expect the gambling addict to do well with an online casino in his.

There are many sites that will have a link on their page that directs you to a Gamblers Anonymous site where if you think you are having a problem that you might get the help you need. This is helpful for those that are not in the throes of an addiction, and are not in the middle of blowing whatever great steps they have taken to get there. But secure casino portals want gamblers to know that they have their back.

They have paired up with Gamblers Anonymous to attempt to keep their gamblers safe from themselves if need be. The online casino site has been very clear in that they are working hard to get that support and help that many online gambling patrons might need if they find that they no longer have control of their gambling.

They can become a member of Gamblers Anonymous with no fees involved, just a willingness to control their gambling. The group does not get involved in political, religious, etc. groups, they are just there to support those that might be having difficulties with their control of how much or how often they gamble.

The site is very pro-active when it comes to getting players the help that they need. They are very clear that they are not interested in taking money from those that cannot control the amount of gambling that they do. They only want online gamblers that are having fun, not those in which it is a disease. They know that for those that have the addiction, admitting it is the first step of the problem and that this is not an easy thing to do. They want them to be able to stop on their own, but if they cannot, then they want to give them the tools that they need in order to not gamble any more.

For the site this means ensuring that they have all of the information that they need in order to discern when it is a problem and when they are simply gambling. This means that the online casino has a duty to ensure that you have all the tools you need and that when you do come to the conclusion that you might have a problem that you can get the help that you need from the online casino.