Slots History

first slot machine

History Of Slots And The first Slot Machine

In the year of 1887 one of the greatest inventions of History Of Slots in the world of games based on luck happened. The first slot machine was invented and this was revolutionary. The name of the inventor is Charles Fey. Charles kept on bettering the machine for some time. He stopped working on his machine in the year of 1907.

After that, he sold his first machine to a company known by the name Mills Novelty. Of course, as the name of the company suggests, the first slot machine was named: Mills Liberty Bell. The machine was old-fashioned and if people from today see the machine they will not recognize it as a gambling tool. Many modifications were made to better the machines.

In the machines produced in 1900s, was almost the same slots basics as in our times. There is no difference in this with the today’s machines. However, on the old machines there were actual cards, instead of having bars. Three cards were present in the J, K and Q. Also, all of the machines had a bell.

This bell would ring each time a player wins something. However, nowadays’ machines have a bell that would ring only if the maximum of the jackpot has been reached. This will point the players the way to the big money. This is made for the people to know where they could get the biggest jackpot.

The design of the machines from 1907 is kept in the modern machines. This is a decision of the companies. They prefer to keep this old-school design to make the people feel more comfortable. The only adjustments are made to the number of the spinning reels and rewards. Also, the playing cards are replaced by symbols. There are different symbols in different slots variations. Some slot machines have 20 symbols or even more.

Liberty Bell

There was one more type of machine created during this period. In 1910, based on the original Mills Liberty Bell, the machine called Operation Bell was created. It had a place where you will be able to insert the coins and this machine had fruits as symbols.