Blackjack Online Strategy

Casino BlackJack Basics And Strategies

Most, if not all, of this blackjack online strategy will be common knowledge, but it never hurts to review the basics. Sometimes those of us that know the most intricate details and scenarios get tripped up and forget the simplest rules of the game. So here they are:

  • If your card value (regardless of how many cards you currently have) is between 17 and 20, you’re done. Stand. The only exception is during a soft 17 or 18 scenario (meaning one of your cards is an Ace).
  • Always take another black jack card if the value of what you’ve got is at 11 or less. No exceptions on this one. Do yourself and everyone else at the table a favor and listen to this advice.
  • This one has one exception, but on the whole, if your dealer’s up card is between 2 and 6, you’re job is to stand. However, if you have 12 and the dealer shows a 2 or 3, consider taking one more hit…but just one.
  • Situational black jack strategia play here: The murky area where your cards total 12 to 16 requires you to know the chart a little bit. In this scenario, if the dealer has an up-card between 7 and Ace, your job is to hit until your total goes over 16. Or, of course, until you bust.
  • The smartest thing you can do for yourself is assume the dealer’s hidden card is worth 10.
  • If you get a soft 17 or 18, you’re usually going to stand. However, if you’re staring at a dealer card of 9 to Ace, it makes sense to hit.
  • Insurance is more or less a sucker’s bet. Odds are the dealer won’t get 21…just like the odds are neither will you. Sorry.
  • And finally, there is no five-card Charlie rule, no matter how much your stupid cousin thinks it exists.

A few interesting statistics just to throw in there.

  • There are actually 43 different scenarios, if you’re studying the widely accepted black jack strategy card, which call for you to double down. If you thought it was just for 10 and 11 hands, you’re dead wrong.
  • Even more surprisingly, even to me sometimes, is there are 94 recommended scenarios where you should split your hand. New players to golden casino watching a game will see it happen far too irregularly compared to how often it’s supposed to happen. The casinos are banking on the fact that you don’t know this, or won’t remember it.

Basic Blackjack Strategy For Beginners

Once you have learnt how to play blackjack online the next step you need to take is learning the basic strategy behind the game. When you’re learning the blackjack online strategy all you’re doing is learning when you should hit, stand, double down and split pairs. The strategy isn’t a perfect science and you can make exceptions to the guidelines as you see fit when you’re playing, but it’s a good stepping stone for players who have no clue where to even begin. Over time the below strategy has proven to be profitable and it also limits the house edge to only about 2% which is fairly good although you’ll be able to get it lower once you learn more advanced strategies.


The most common play that you’re going to make when you play blackjack is hitting and it’s important you know when and when not to hit because if you don’t you could be throwing money away. You need to not only look at your hand, but also the dealer’s up card because if you have 12 which isn’t a good hand, but the dealer is showing a 6 then it’s ideal for you to stand and not hit which is one instance a lot of players won’t realize.

  • Whenever your hand is valued from 4-11 you should hit no matter what because you can’t bust.
  • When your hand is valued at 12 you should hit when the dealers up card is a 2-3 or 7-Ace.
  • When your hand is valued from 13-16 you should when the dealers up card is a 7-Ace.


Knowing when to stand is more important then anything because if you don’t stand when you should then you could bust when you would otherwise have won. Follow the guidelines below for basic blackjack strategy standing and you will have a good chance of leaving with some profit.

  • When your hand is valued from 17-21 you should stand every time.
  • When your hand is valued from 13-16 you should stand when the dealers up card is a 2-6.
  • When your hand is valued at 12 you should stand when the dealers up card is a 4-6.

Double Down

Doubling down is an important play to make whenever you can because often it’s where you’ll make most of your profits. You should follow the guidelines below when doubling down although you can also double down when you’re feeling lucky as long as you keep it in moderation if you’re not winning them.

  • Double down every time your hand is valued at 11 except when the dealer is showing an Ace.
  • Double down every time your hand is valued at 10 except when the dealer is showing a 10-Ace.
  • Double down when you have a hand valued at 9 when the dealer is showing a 3-6.

Splitting Pairs

Splitting pairs can be very beneficial to the player because you will be able to play two hands against the dealer and you’ll have the chance to also make twice as much as usual. Follow the guidelines below although if you don’t feel like splitting pairs you don’t necessarily need too.

  • Never split 5’s and 10’s – K’s.
  • Always split 8’s and Aces.
  • Split 2’s, 3’s and 7’s when the dealer is showing a 2-7.
  • Split 4’s when the dealer is showing a 5-6.
  • Split 6’s when the dealer is showing a 2-6.
  • Split 9’s when the dealer is showing a 2-6 and 8-9.