Should You Play Fixed Or Progressive Slots

Playing Fixed Or Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots carry so many important advantages over their fixed counterparts that the question of which one you should pick over the other shouldn’t even emerge. Most slots reviewers make a point out of establishing whether or not the reviewed slot machine offers a progressive jackpot, and they jot it down as a major plus if it does.

The power of progressive jackpots is quite obvious to everyone who has ever played such a machine. Progressive jackpots are usually offered by slot machines which are hooked into a wide area network. What that means is that people all over this network will contribute money to the jackpot. The jackpot will thus grow extremely fast and it will soon grow to a rather unbelievable size.

Although the odds for individual players to take down the progressive jackpots are rather minimal, the sheer size of the beast makes a winning proposition to play these games and to play maximum coins time and time again.

On fixed slot machines, there are jackpots on offer as well, they’re usually part of the game regardless of whether or not the machine is hooked up to a network, but quite obviously, in the case of fixed slot machines these jackpots will grow much slower and their size won’t ever compare to that of the progressive monsters.

The risks online casino players will take when playing of these machines and the house edge against which they will go up are the same as those in the case of progressive slot machines, yet the potential rewards which players hope to land in the form of the jackpot, are much smaller.

Therefore, everything considered, it is safe to say that whenever the possibility emerges, you should always pick progressive slot machines over fixed ones.

Of course, you should never lose sight of the fact that slots gambling has to be fun before everything else, so if there is a fixed machine which is offering a game that you love, against a progressive one that you find boring, by all means, go for the fixed one.