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Online bingo In the last few years with the explosion of bingo online popularity, there has been a big trend among the best bingo sites in offering free bingo games and no deposit bingo option to the potential players. Today, if you want to join online bingo community, you can find a lot of respected sites offering amazing bingo bonuses for not only attracting new players but also for the retention and loyalty of the existing players.

This is a great trend for anybody wishing to try out online bingo games because now you have the option to do it for free. With the so-called no deposit bingo option or free bingo no deposit, players can test and check bingo games at the chosen site without having to spend any money and then decide whether they want to deposit and become a loyal player.

The great thing is that bingo bonus offers don’t end there. Deciding to become a bingo online money player for you means you will also have amazing deposit and re-deposit bonuses available and even free bingo games to play at no cost.

If you are wondering why bingo sites should offer all this to you – the answer is simple. The competition in the bingo online niche has become fierce and sites have to really fight to get the players and more importantly to retain them. Bongo bonuses created to attract new bingo sign-ups and to offer real money players to continue making subsequent deposits.

And if you are confused about what these bingo bonuses that sites are offering really mean, here you can find an explanation to help you navigate through the best bingo online sites.

When we talk about free bingo games and bonuses, here we do not think about the bingo rooms where you can play bingo for free. We refer to the money bonuses which usually fall into 3 categories:

New Player/New Sign-up Bingo Deposit Bonuses (1st deposit bonus)

The sign-up deposit bonus is the most popular offer with bingo players and bingo online sites. It means the bingo sites will match the amount of money (by a set percentage amount – on average 100%-300%) deposited by a new player for their first time. So, if you deposit $20.00 and the site offers a 100% match bonus, you will have a total of $40.00 to play with ($20.00 on the house). Some sites pay deposit bonuses in real money, others in bonus money which is important to know because there is a difference in only being able to play bingo games with your bonus or withdraw your possible winnings from the bonus play.

2nd Deposit and Reload(or Retention) Bingo Deposit Bonuses

These are also called loyalty bonuses and are the main tool for retaining the players. Many Bingo sites offer bingo bonuses for players making deposits. These bonuses are a little lower and are on average from 50% to 200%. In addition to having free bingo games, this is a way your bingo site says thank you for your loyalty. Even a relatively small deposit, can give a player quite a bit of fund to play bingo online with when matched by a good bonus!

  1. No Deposit bingo or free bingo bonus for signing up to the site

This bonus is offered to new sign-ups. After registering with an online bingo site, they receive a free cash bonus to play bingo games with no need to deposit any money or give their credit card. The player has the opportunity to play bingo for free and to win real cash. Most online bingo sites offering the No Deposit bingo bonus give new players between $5.00 and $30.00.

Another free bonus offer from bingo sites is free bingo cards, which means you can play free bingo games again without making any deposit. Be aware there are rules for cashing out on a free bonus, participating in chat room games for BB’s (bonus bucks) or having access to all bingo rooms and games. These rules are always more restrictive than any placed on players making real money deposits. The rules vary from site to site and the player needs to understand them before joining bingo online world.

In addition to offering free bingo games, there is also an in-house bonus that players can earn while playing in an online bingo room. These bingo bonuses are awarded to players participating in online chat games. Most bingo sites offer a variety of fun chat games where players can earn bingo bucks or BBs to buy additional bingo cards for a chance at winning a bingo pot. Chat games attract many players to bingo sites because they are enjoyable and are a very easy way to win BBs.

We hope this has helped you to better understand bingo bonus offers across the world of bingo online and that you will find your favorite bingo site. It is nevertheless important that you check exact rules of the chosen site because free bingo games and bonus offers can be very much different from site to site. And you will find that the best bonuses are given to the loyal players for re-depositing money which is only natural. This is the way to encourage serious bingo players and fans and not only no deposit bingo bonuses seekers.