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All About Casino Slots

Casino slots are becoming very popular, particularly with the rise of online casino slots. Online slot machines make playing more accessible for everyone. Casino Slots are played on slot machines, either real or over the internet. However, playing slots is a game of chance. There is no right way or wrong way to play it. Random numbers determine the outcome of the game. Random numbers are picked each time you press the button. There is no secret method to ensure you win. There are three main types of casino slot games played at UK, US Secure Casino or all others. These are outlined below.

Straight Slots

Straight slots are the easiest and most straightforward games to play. The payout for winning at Straight Slots is generally as outlined on a payout schedule. However, no two games are the same and payment will vary depending on the type of game you are playing. There are four types of straight slot games.

The Multiplier:

The Multiplier game multiplies the payout by the number of coins you play. For example: If the machine repays you five coins for three cherries, you will receive ten coins if you play two coins and should you play three coins you get back fifteen if you win.

The Bonus Multiplier The Bonus Multiplier works in a very similar way to The Multiplier. With Bonus Multiplier, there is a difference. One of the reels may show a bonus symbol, for example, a gold bar. This entitles the player to a bonus award for the maximum number of inserted coins. The maximum number can vary from machine to machine and it is important to read the payment schedule.

Multiple Pay line: This type of game offers a number of different lines to play. The number of lines available for play depends on the number of coins you insert into the machine. You may have anything from one line available to twenty.

Depending on how many coins you play, you can activate a certain amount of lines and win by matching three, a diagonal, etc. However if a winning combination appears on a line that has not been activated, the player wins nothing. It is important to read the instructions.

Buy A Pay: These machines offer a number of different payout tables. It costs more money to bet on different tables, but you have better chances of winning.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slot is like Straight Slots, but there is one difference which makes Progressive Slots very popular. Progressive Slots are linked to other machines and it is often a multi-player game. The jackpot grows and grows with every coin inserted by each player. To win, you simply have to have the correct combination. The only disadvantage is that there are a lot of other people trying to do exactly the same.

Bonus Game Slots

Bonus game slots offer bonus games for getting a particular combination of symbols on the reels. This can give you the opportunity to win more money from the machine.